Providing Effective Architectural Solutions

Our company owner, John McLellan B.A., A.T. has a vision of creating a unique masterpiece each time he sits down with a new customer. He strives to deliver a practical and accurate solution with every project he engages in.

Utilizing an encapsulating form of project management that integrates the design team with the builder, John delivers solid, consistent advice to his clients at every step in the design-build process—from initial conception to project turnover.

A house with stone walls and a large rock garden.

Our Services

Residential and Commercial

Elevate Design Projects, Inc. specializes in residential projects, but we do have commercial clients from time to time. Aside from designing and drafting, we also offer additional home services including:

Exterior Renovations

Cabinet and Countertop Installation

Custom Fabrication

Flooring Installation

Kitchen & Bathroom Remodelling


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